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In the footsteps of A.F. Della Marmora 1

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Duration: five days and four nights
Departure: Orosei – Su Barone
Step 1: S’Abba Vrisca Park Museum (Dorgali)
Step 2: Lunch before the Lake at Patteri House or after the Lake at Canales farm accomodation
Step 3: Su Gologone spring
Step 4: Dinner and overnight stay at Maccione Center
Step 1: Solitta Peak
Step 2: Lunch at Ottulu sheep farm
Step 3: Dinner and overnight stay at Sas Sinipides sheep farm
Step 1: Badu ‘e Senis sheep farm
Step 2: Refreshment at Funtana Vona
Step 3: Nuraghe Pighisone and nuragic village of Gremmanu
Sosta 4: Dinner and overnight stay at rural church of San Cristoforo
Step 1: Donnortei – Naturalistic park
Step 2: Lunch at Pass of Tascussi
Step 3: Desulo
Step 4: Dinner and overnight stay at Aradonì farm accomodation
Fifth day
Arrival: Aritzo

"When the first part of my work on the island of Sardinia was published in Paris in 1826, I was undecided on the most suitable title for a long time, and I only accepted ‘Viaggio’ (Journey) for pure affability towards my publisher. The volumes came out with this name that preceded those which I publish today. […] The libraries teem with books which, having the same title “Journeys”, often take up a single section, which is very restricted in certain cases. […] Therefore I had no reason to reject a similar title more than thirty years ago with reference to a European and Italian island which was little known at the time. But if it was like that at the time of the first edition of my journey in Sardinia, the time that has passed since then has seen many changes take place in this region, with the works of the steamers and underwater electrical telegraphy later on. For this reason, today this island indeed becomes so close to being a continent that an excursion in this land could no longer be classed as a real ‘journey’, without exaggerating or abusing the term".  

(From Alberto Ferrero Della Marmora, Itinéraire de l’île de Sardaigne pour faire suite au voyage en cette contrée, Torino, Frères Bocca, 1860, 2 vol.)


Trails can be personalised in terms of their duration and the route based on the wishes of the participants. Those who are interested in a horse trails in the footsteps of A.F. Della Marmora can contact our equestrian centers.